DCA has joined W.E. O’Neil Construction, a prominent national general contracting firm! We continue to be committed to the Austin market and look forward to an exciting new future for our employees, clients and subcontractor partners. Learn more here


DCA has joined W.E. O’Neil Construction, a prominent national general contracting firm headquartered in Chicago! Learn more about W.E. O’Neil here.

WE value people. WE build dreams.

A new approach to construction services

Our organization was created to fulfill the vision as unique as our underlying philosophy. Structured, appropriately, on project teams rather than on departments, groups of industry professionals from diverse backgrounds maintain project continuity. From the outset, our team will know the project in depth-understanding the objectives of the designer and the individual needs of the client.


Our value in the project development process is to assist the owner and their consultants in achieving the project program/design goals as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. We have the experience in pre-construction, construction, and post occupancy services to meet the needs of your project. From conceptual estimates to the final bid, we have collected a wealth of relevant project cost information that can assist you in making those difficult strategic decisions affecting scope and budget.

Safety is one of our Core Values

DCA values safety performance as a primary indicator of management effectiveness. Our corporate expectation is zero accidents on any job. We employ a 3-tiered approach to managing the known and predictable hazards of construction work resulting in top notch performance:

Pre-Qualified Safety Performance
Osha Safety Standard Compliance
Behavior-Based Training