General Construction and Construction Management Services

  • Detailed cost estimating based on recent, relevant project cost data
  • Project program review and validation against the project budget
  • Consult and assist the owner in the procurement of furniture, fixtures & equipment
  • Project schedule generation from schematic design through construction & occupancy
  • Coordination of design and planning activities with the A/E team and the owner
  • Assist the owner in obtaining all governmental reviews and approvals
  • Administration of the contractor procurement process
  • Constructability reviews and recommendations
  • Qualification and recommendation of subcontractors
  • Administration of an owner controlled insurance program if desired
  • Negotiate, prepare and administer the contract for construction
  • Prepare and distribute documentation of all project related meetings
  • Assist with the selection and procurement of specialized consultants
  • Assist the owner with occupancy planning and scheduling
  • Coordinate the owner’s occupancy of the facility

Pre-construction phase

Beginning a project on a sound basis is crucial to its ultimate success. Incorrect data, flawed assumptions, and unrealistic expectations can doom a project before construction documents even begin. Providing up-to-date cost information, exploring alternative construction methods, developing phasing options, and examining resource flow through to occupancy provide the design team and client with the information needed to make critical decisions on a project’s scope, direction, and budget at the outset. On-going monitoring and cost feedback throughout the drawing process assures there will be no disastrous surprises on bid day.

Developing a Project Schedule

The range of our pre-construction services is extensive. Since each project has its unique needs, the scope and level of services are tailored accordingly. Pre-construction services and data include:

  • Preliminary costing based on recent, relevant project cost data including initial unit costs and increasingly detailed estimates as the design evolves
  • Program review and validation against the project budget
  • Information on alternate construction systems and techniques including impact on cost and schedule
  • Constructability reviews and recommendations
  • Recommendations on specialized consultants
  • Project schedule generation from schematic design through construction and occupancy
  • Projection of resource expenditure (“cashflow”) schedules for the entire project

Construction phase

From “greenfield” core and shell projects to high-end tenant improvements to technologically complex build-outs, at DCA Construction, we have a proven track record in our ability to deliver a project on time and on budget – and you will find testimonials as evidence of that in the Portfolio section of this website. Construction services for us are not limited, however, to the quality execution of a project – nor even dependent on DCA Construction “getting the bid”. And do we believe there is an advantage to the client if DCA Construction is awarded the construction contract? Absolutely! The solid reputation we have gained for the quality of our performance on construction projects is no accident. It is the direct outgrowth of our goal of establishing long-term relationships with our clients. With our experience and the proprietary management tools that we have developed, it enables us to focus on the control of cost, time, and quality.

Construction Services Redefined

Our commitment to the overall success of the implementation process translates into value-added services regardless of the implementation direction a client selects – negotiated contract, competitive bid – or the entity actually performing the construction. Whether it is interfacing with governmental agencies, qualifying contractors and subcontractors, procurement of furniture, equipment, & fixtures, – whatever will assist clients in realizing their objectives, DCA Construction stands ready to provide our expertise. The services available to the time of construction include:

  • Assistance in obtaining all governmental reviews and approvals
  • Qualification of contractors and subcontractors
  • Administration of the contractor procurement process
  • Negotiation, preparation, and administration of the contract for construction
  • Procurement of furnishings, equipment, and fixtures
  • Administration of an owner-controlled insurance program
  • Occupancy planning and scheduling
  • Coordination of occupancy